Life to Its Fullest



GIG Design's mission is to help people across the lifespan do the things they want and need to do through therapeutic use of daily relationships, actives, and places.  We envision being the best occupational therapy-based prevention service in the United States with a 90% Client success rate.

‘WholeBe’ is what we define as our process - guiding the whole person to being their best self. Client’s achieve their goals because they create their ‘sticky’ methods. Essentially, our collaborative tools nudge purposeful action in every day roles. Our WholeBe Toolkits are most often used with our business client’s employees.

We use assessments to maintain an objective approach in our services, as well as for evidence-based measured outcomes.

Our Commitment

We are not a wellness craze, dictators of what way or how to live your life, forceful, requiring you to make promises, or a sales gimmick for therapeutic dependency. We do not use or facilitate programs.

Our team is state licensed, certified occupational therapy practitioners. ‘Occupation’ is a term that means ‘activity’.

In addition to our education in occupational therapy we maintain science-based continuing education in our areas of specialization and certifications. Together, our team possess skilled training in coaching, design, personal (fitness) training, nutrition, yoga, stress management, mindfulness-based cognitive-therapy, ergonomics, sensory modulation, and American Disability Association home/work modifications.