Moving people from stuck to meaningful action.

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GIG Design blends the disciplines of occupational therapy, coaching and design thinking to help people and employees consistently do and be what they need to in their home, work, and community roles. The quality of being on our ‘A game’ not only feels good but peeks motivation, reduces stress, improves our health, and delivers results.


Our Services

Collaborate with us for evidence of progress in six key behaviors and seven business outcomes. We facilitate goal achievement through an occupational science framework. In addition to teaching design-thinking strategies we know how to modify tasks and work/home elements to improve ergonomics and reduce distractions. 

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What Makes Us Unique

Our coaching connects knowledge with understanding which results in action. We use tools including design methodology to guide process, crafting to facilitate awareness, and introduce stimuli that nudges action. We facilitate mind and body performance that improves all lifestyle roles. 

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Blending Science and Design

We effectively foster behavior change because our method of sharing why you're stuck eases how to stop self-defeating behaviors. Our coaching style results in a teachable mind-set that changes intention. We reframe action with a science and design framework that enables people of all ages to live life to the fullest. 

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Our Practice

Our approach is individualized, evidence-based and deeply rooted in science, reflecting our founder’s background in occupational therapy. We also use best practices in performance coaching and design-centered thinking to help individuals develop skills that will improve their performance at work, home and in all aspects of their lives.


I feel stronger than ever and am excited about the new world this process has shown me.

— T.C in Los Angeles


A Top 10 Service

Collaborate with our coaches to set your mind and body blazing then sustaining momentum towards achieving your ultimate desire.