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GIG Design is a group of occupational therapy and design professionals improving people’s lives in health, fitness, nutrition, stress, and time management. Our individual and business services blend the disciplines of occupational therapy, coaching and design thinking for a holistic approach to goal achievement. We collaborate with people seeking to consistently do and be what they need to in their home, work, and community roles.


Our Services

Collaborating with us provides evidence of progress in six key behaviors. We facilitate goal achievement through an occupational science framework. In addition to teaching design-thinking strategies we know how to modify tasks and work/home elements to improve ergonomics and reduce distractions. 

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What Makes Us Unique

We improve mindfulness within daily roles with design methodology and health tools. Each person is guided through a strategic, goal-oriented process that results in crafting awareness for nudging consistent health-centered action through sensory strategies. This mind and body performance approach improves every lifestyle role. 

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Blending Science and Design

We effectively foster behavior change because our method of analyzing why you’re stuck creates an ease and efficiency that halts self-defeating behaviors. Our unique science and design-based approach creates a growth mindset that fosters change. People ages 10 to 70 are now leading their life to the fullest through GIG Design’s help. 

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Our Practice

Our approach is individualized, evidence-based and deeply rooted in science, reflecting our founder’s background in occupational therapy. We also use best practices in coaching and design-centered thinking. People develop skills that improves performance in all aspects of their lives.


I feel stronger than ever and am excited about the new world this process has shown me.

— T.C in Los Angeles


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Collaborate with GIG Design to achieve your goals and the lifestyle you desire.