WholeBe Statement


What is WholeBE?

GIG Design services helps people be able to become aware of what undermines their performance. This includes being aware of an issue, to detect an issue, and to see evidence of an issue before it becomes detrimental to health, goals, and relationships at home, work, and in the community. We are skilled in facilitating people into doing, being, and becoming actionable.

WholeBe facilitates mindfulness into daily activities. This is not a program. WholeBe facilitates what we most often call ‘sticky’ methods. These methods are essential tools that nudge purposeful action in every day roles. The first step in our services is an occupational science assessment to objectively determine current physical, logical, and emotional state of living. Then we collaborate with each person to discover rational and emotional patterns. This determines which tools are best methods for mindful behavior responses to equip Clients with sustainable goal achievement.

Our Commitment

We are not a wellness craze, dictators of what way or how to live your life, forceful, requiring you to make promises, or a sales gimmick for therapeutic dependency.

Each GIG Design team member is a state licensed, certified occupational therapy practitioner. ‘Occupation’ is a term that means ‘activity’. In addition to our education in occupational therapy we maintain science-based continuing education in health prevention fields including (but not limited to) fitness, nutrition, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, stress and anxiety management, sensory regulation and modulation.

GIG Design's mission is to help people across the lifespan and the world to do the things they want and need to do through therapeutic use of daily relationships, actives, and places.  We envision being the best occupational therapy-based prevention service with a 90% Client success rate.