WholeBe Statement


What is WholeBE?

GIG Design provides you with the ability to become aware of what undermines your performance. This includes being aware of an issue, to detect an issue, and to see evidence of an issue before it becomes detrimental to your health, goals, and relationships at home, work, and in the community. Our coaches are skilled in facilitating people into doing, being, and becoming actionable.

WholeBe creates mindful action to live your foundational and full potential. We coach process not a program. We facilitate sticky methods that nudge you to be purposeful in your lifestyle and performance. Coaching is initiated with an occupational science assessment to determine current physical, logical, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Collaboration follows for the discovery of rational and emotional patterns. Awareness and mindfulness through using creative tools equips you to be a goal-achiever.

Our Commitment

We are not a wellness craze, dictators of what way or how to live your life, forceful, requiring you to make promises, or a sales gimmick for therapeutic dependency.

We may be better known as daily activity analysts since our foundation is in the study of occupations (also known as activities). We are committed to educating science-based, researched health and lifestyle strategies that empower you to live in line with your core values, vision, and goals.

GIG Design's mission is to help people across the lifespan and the world to do the things they want and need to do through therapeutic use of daily relationships, actives, and places.  Our vision is being the best performance coach in the United States with 90% measured improvement in our Client's performance outcomes.