CKO 10-Week Transformation Challenge


structured ACCOUNTABILITY. Measured progress. results.

The Transformation Challenge is 10 weeks of discovering the essentials for fueling your mind and body, managing nutrition that maximizes goal achievement, resetting your fitness routines, and possibly modifying your lifestyle habits to strengthen your desired results. We are here to help you set, structure, and achieve your personalized goals each step of the way.

Learn each week at your convenience. A podcast link is shared each Friday to listen to 20-minutes of information and strategies.

Connect with people sharing common experiences. A Sunday group huddle at CKO downtown studio provides 45-minutes to interact, learn and workout.

Achieve daily commitments with accountability. Through several mediums we drip daily encouragement that inspires and motivates.

“I have been in a few challenges over the years and feel like this was the best one so far. Thank you so much!” Spring 2018

“I was inspired by so many challengers! Those who have small kids, surpassed their weight loss or stuck with it despite surgery. All so inspiring!” Spring 2019

“Coach Anita was super supportive! Whenever reaching out each week she showed her support and encouragement for me but also asked the "tough questions" that got me thinking deeper. I really enjoyed her knowledge too.” Fall 2018

“CKO has been great and everyone is super supportive of all clients not just challengers. Anita was wonderful with her always upbeat happy attitude and all around helpful nature.” Spring 2019

“It was a great investment because now I can't imagine NOT going to class 3-4 times a week, for how much it's done for my energy level, my sleep, and my overall health.” Fall 2018

“The information learned about nutrition and how to handle different situations is able to stay with me. It’s knowledge gained that I wouldn’t get from just working out or just trying to change my diet.” Spring 2018

Sunday, September 15 - Saturday, November 23

10-Week Transformation Topics

  • Quality of Eating Behaviors

  • Medical Conditions & Limiting Factors

  • Kickboxing Technique Training & Intro to HIIT

  • Readiness for Change 

  • Planning and Time Use 

  • Goal Progression & Sustaining Habits

  • Athletic Nutrition Needs

  • Sleep

  • Stress & Recovery

  • Social Support & Household

Group huddles every Sunday at CKO downtown 4:00 to 4:45 p.m.

Final-day happy hour to award prizes