Terms + Conditions


All the details involved for initiating coaching services with us.

Coaching Locations

GIG Design has three regional locations: West Michigan, Southern California, and up-state New York. We offer coaching in our home office, on-site, and virtual.

West Michigan clients have the ability to meet in-person at our downtown Grand Rapids home office, on work-site, or at their place of residence. When we meet at a work-site we encourage reserving a conference room for the majority of our coaching sessions, at a residence a distraction-free rom within the home. Periodically, we will refer and meet at the location of your work-space or dwelling-space to identify ergonomic and stimuli needs.

Southern California and northern New York Clients also have the option to meet on-site or at a off-site location of preference. Virtual coaching is available for all Clients within and outside of our regional locations. 


For the ease of time management and travel restrictions we offer virtual coaching for every session. Our preference is Zoom, which is a free software for Clients. This is a secured meeting platform that requires a simple software download that typically takes 30-seconds to complete. 

We are also open to meet by Skype or FaceTime. Due to the potential of internet connection disruption we encourage Clients to first choose a location with optimal internet services. Also, ideal locations provide little to few audible or visual distractions. Please indicate the need for a coach to help identify an optimal location at the time of scheduling. We are more than willing to accommodate our Clients needs.

SCHeduling coaching 

We partner with Acuity Scheduling for ease of payment and selecting dates and times for a first coaching session with a coach of your choice. Both Pricing + Services pages provide links to initiate services. An alternative to using our online scheduler is to call or email us: 616-777-7631 or info@gigdesign.me.  

Once a package is payed for an email will provide a direct link to the initial assessment. The assessment is to be completed no less than 24 hours prior to the set date/time of the first coaching session. 

We often schedule each coaching session that follows, based on your package, at the end of each coaching session. The alternative may be using the online scheduling link as your coach may provide by email.

extending coaching services

There are two options in the instance you may want to continue individual coaching services. We may deduct the amount paid for one package to progress into the next. For example, if you paid for Assess but would like to continue through Equip then: the cost of Equip (-) the cost of Assess = total amount due. If it is to continue coaching services beyond Equip then we will identify the amount of additional coaching services that are appropriate based on your needs, then conclude best price to do so. Discounts to our hourly rate will be applied.

To extend coaching services beyond the initial business package purchased we will meet with your business to identify future goals then set duration and price based on those needs. 


Confidentiality of services


GIG Design partners with JotForm, an online form platform that provides secured data based on HIPPA guidelines. All assessment information is formulated into numerical data and values to secure the identity of each submission.

Coaching sessions

GIG Design coaches are state licensed and nationally certified health care professionals. We are required by law to report any type of abuse when it is disclosed to us.

All that is shared within coaching sessions, phone calls, or by email remains confidential between coach and Client. When a coach may deem the need to seek alternative professional feedback for the purpose of best and accurate support of the client, your coach will request your permission to do so. In these instances, your name will not be disclosed in those inter-disciplinary discussions. Any approved discussion with alternative professionals will be done so by phone or voice-over the internet, not email. 

Following each coaching session your coach emails next steps and handouts. We also email conclusive assessment results that contains information relative to your coaching sessions and assessments. You may request these be provided in person to avoid sensitive information shared by email.

Business PACKAGE Management

We recommend one point-person (a.k.a. GIG Manager) per employee group/department considered for coaching services at the time of purchasing a business package. The GIG Manager and a GIG coach meet before coaching services are initiated with employees to identify and conclude a coaching plan of action for the year.  Also, the GIG Manager only receives performance outcome data, including the initial data and monthly data through the year.

GIG coaches don't not reveal personal information with the GIG Manager. While the GIG Manager does know who is receiving coaching, what the performance goals are for each employee, GIG coaches contain coaching session information as confidential, unless the employee agrees to release of specific information when requested by the GIG coach.

INformation storage

All GIG Design coaches are responsible for containing Client information in secure storage. We hire the best performance coaches in the occupational therapy industry. We believe in their ability to keep information confidential and, to remind you, that any breach of confidentiality would jeopardize their ability to keep their professional license and certification.