Terms + Conditions


Necessary service details.

SERVICE Locations

GIG Design has three regional locations: West Michigan, Southern California, and up-state New York. Majority of our Clients receive virtual services. West Michigan Clients have the option to meet in person or on-site.

On-site appointments require a reserved space, such as a conference room. We meet on-site at a home residence in a distraction-free room or space. Periodic recommendations for alternative meeting spaces include specific work or dwelling-spaces.

Southern California and northern New York Clients also have the option to meet on-site or at an off-site location of preference. Virtual coaching is available for all Clients within and outside of our regional locations. 


All appointments may be done so virtually. GIG Design partners with ZOOM, a HIPAA secured video-over-the-internet platform. ZOOM requires a simple (typically 30-seconds) software download. ZOOM appointments are best in a space with few audible and visual distractions.


Each package and assessment are listed on our service pages. To purchase a package use our online contact form or call 616-777-7631 or email aj@gigdesign.me. We respond within 24-hours of requests and inquiries.

Once scheduled we email the registered Client with a link for meeting virtually via ZOOM. Assessments purchased will also include a link to the online assessment. Assessments are to be completed no less than 24 hours prior to the set date/time of the first appointment. 

Each consecutive appointment is commonly scheduled at the end of each appointment but may also be scheduled by email or by phone. Appointments may be cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled day and time.

extending services

When a Client chooses to extend services beyond original service purchased then they pay the difference between packages. Discounts may also apply.


Confidentiality of services


GIG Design partners with HIPAA compliant JotForm for offering online assessments. Upon completion of assessment answers are formulated into numerical data and values for objective reasoning.


GIG Design professionals are ethically bound to maintain confidentiality unless permission is give by the Client. We are mandatory reporters, therefore are required to report any type of abuse when it is disclosed to us.

All forms of communication is considered confidential. When we believe seeking alternative professional support is necessary we will only do so once we receive written permission from our Client. In these instances, Client name is not disclosed within those inter-disciplinary discussions. Any approved discussion with alternative professionals will not be communicated through emails. 

Each appointment includes a follow-up email. This may be to provide conclusive assessment results, recommendations, resources, and handouts.

Business PACKAGE Management

Each Business Client is appointed a primary GIG Design professional. In addition to providing services to employee, groups, or departments, the GIG Design professional is also responsible to meet with the Employee Manager (EM). An initial meeting before services begin results in a collaborative plan of action for the 12-months of services.  The EM will receive all outcome data across the 12-months of services.

Outcome data includes set performance goals per each employee, as well as quantitative data from each assessment completed. We maintain confidentiality of all employees we meet with, with the exception of employee’s written approval to disclose mutually agreed, specific information.


GIG Design professionals agree to maintain secured information storage, including both soft and hard files. Our worth ethic follows the American Occupational Therapy Association’s Code of Ethics.