Individual Pricing + Services


Lifestyle Assessment

$50/30 minutes— 36 multiple choice questions, 6 short answers, and 3 rating scales resulting in current behaviors and factors effecting daily lifestyle performance. Graphed data and coaching call included. Purchase »

Performance Assessment

$99/60 minutes —42 multiple choice questions, 14 short answers resulting in behaviors, factors, and predictors of current daily work performance. Graphed results and coaching call included. Purchase »


Individual: $325/1 month — Assessment, 2 coaching sessions resulting in identifying current barriers and strengths for preparation of effective goal-setting. Purchase and schedule »


Individual: $457/2 months — Initial and 90-day assessment, 4-coaching sessions resulting in identifying current barriers and strengths, prioritizing and setting primary goals. Purchase and schedule »


Individual: $1095/6 months — Initial, 90-day, and 180-day assessment, 8-coaching sessions resulting in learning while applying a creative-problem solving process that identifies, prioritizes, executes, then achieves set goals. Purchase and schedule »

One-to-one Coaching

$170/90-minutes — Facilitated collaboration to identify then solve for potential barriers within the environment, performance process, or products used to engage/complete tasks at work, home or in the community. Purchase and schedule »