Maganasensitive Is A Ravenous Response That Kickboxing Can Tame

Maganasensitive Is A Ravenous Response That Kickboxing Can Tame

Do you have an insatiable drive for enhancing experiences? Magnasensitive individuals desire the excitable - blinking lights, rollercoasters, or a lifestyle like being an entrepreneur or overextended work loads. Adversely, there's also the need to continuously be engaged. This magical central nervous system response may also bring distress.

For sanity sake a body needs rest!

The superior advantage of the central nervous system is it triggers behaviors that appear as natural cravings. An example of a craving is body exertion through movement. Pushing, pulling, jumping...these joint and muscle forces apply pressure on the nerve endings for the return of nervous relief. The body craves rest to. Leisure activities slow thinking and moving exertion which benefits heart, mental and joint health.

Forced exertion examples within a task include over-applied pressure when writing or walking. Even crunchy foods relieve central nervous system cravings through exerted, repetitive jaw-joint movement.

There's a long list of magnasensitive behaviors.

It's one of three nervous system responses to stimuli (sensations like noise, odors, lighting, etc). Children and adults have benefited from sensory craving tactics because it reduces distractive tendancies in the classroom and work place. Assignments improved, deadlines finally met, and teamwork thrived with improved social behaviors that enriched collaboration.

Aging with untreated sensory responses increases risks of uncommunicable diseases and injuries due to unhealthy tactics to cope. Deep pressure satisfaction relieves the nervous system from a constant state of excitement. Like forced exertion, magnasensitive individuals naturally engage and seek deep pressure tactics. Exercise is ideal prevention of disease and injury.

Magnasensitive is a consistent desire for more. More. More!

Deep pressure brings them meaningful satisfaction. Gross motor play (or large joint movement) is one source of daily enrichment.

Kickboxing satisfies. Magnasensitive individuals tend to snack and fidget less, plus improve focused attention to daily tasks. Procrastination reduces and awareness of my mental, emotional, and physical state communicates a body fully satisfied.

Six reasons why kickboxing nourishes a magnasensitive individual are:

  • DEEP PRESSURE  Nourishment to ALL the joints. Joints that cardio machines and most sports don't touch.
  • RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT  It's like dancing with the tunes played. Beat by beat, movement in synch.
  • LOUD TUNES Yes...the magnasensitive are often those with car radios on high with windows down...
  • EXERTED FORCE windows are down for the air pressure; then there is kicking and boxing.
  • SURPRISE   Movement sequences are different each time.
  • AWARENESS   To listen, observe, then follow verbal and movement sequence connects the brain to the limb, muscle, movement. It's not yoga but there is most definitely 'presence'.

For the magnasensitive kickboxing or something similar is an excellent calming resource. Additional magnasensitive tactics are shared on our blog. Contact us to learn what your sensory response is.

photo courtesy Revue Magazine

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