Considering Spirituality as a Behavior

Considering Spirituality as a Behavior

Performance is effected by the unavoidable and planned major life events. A two year study of 2,106 people identified the birth of a first child caused the most significant impact on wellbeing. The events following included divorce, unemployment, and death of a spouse. Chronic stress is reported to effect the immune system and ultimately a person's quality of life.

Major life events challenge the ability to be resilient, grounded, and self-aware. Suicide is so common amongst Japanese and Korean employees that it's listed as a work-related condition for compensation. Spirituality is a performance behavior because it intersects life meaning and the ability to engage in activities. Researchers who searched the term and methodology of spirituality revealed three themes: avenues, experience, and meaning.

Avenues to and through spirituality

This theme includes coping through action, mechanism, and activities. Spiritual-based rituals and routines, fostering emotional and physical release, and connecting with others fulfill a spiritual quest.

Relief from uncertainty, anxiety, and poor grounding through hardship were three symptoms that improved under this theme.

Experiencing spirituality

Expressed and observable outcomes or results was the second theme. Internal or renewed acceptance diminished suffering, fear and guilt. Finding hope enabled trust in a better future.

Resilience was influenced and enhanced the ability to overcome illness and accept change through ongoing engagement in spiritual experiences.

Meaning of spirituality

This represented making sense of the larger context of life. Purpose, life meaning, positivity, and acceptance led to the seeking of something outside of themselves.

Self-awareness and new perspectives provided reassurance in the acceptance of mystery or beauty through periods of critical thoughts and questions.

Questions to Ask:

  1. What avenues are used to and through spirituality?
  2. What is the experience (or outcome)?
  3. What is the meaning of spirituality when dealing with a major life event or transition?

Performance is holistic and complex with multi-leveled phenomenons. Spirituality includes performance resources for being grounded, achieving resiliency, and performing with self-awareness. Spiritual behaviors is one of six performance behaviors we include in our performance and design coaching services.


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