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Your ideal accountability support

One investment you get by joining the 10-Week Transformation Challenge is accountability. CKO staff, instructors, and Coach Anita are foundational to providing that accountability support. Additionally, we connect you with fellow Challengers who share your current commitments and practices.

Please submit honest answers to the following questions to help us create ideal accountability support for your 10-weeks.

Name *
Which health practice do you identify most with? *
When do you (or will you) most often workout (select all that apply)? *
Approximately where in Grand Rapids do you live? *
Are you currently (or plan to be in this challenge) a member of CKO? *
Which are your nutritional practices (select all that apply)? *
The following health practices you mastered: *
The following health practices you mastered:
Weekly meal-planning.
Eating until about 80% satisfied/full.
Aware and follow a diet that agrees with my body.
Rest, recovery, and sleep routines.
Self-advocate in social/household settings.
Athletic nutrition regimen.
In the next 10-weeks you want to focus on (select all that apply): *
In the next 10-weeks you want to focus on (select all that apply):
Losing weight/fat
Gaining weight
Maintaining weight
Adding muscle
Improving physical fitness
Looking better
Feeling better
Having more energy and vitality
Gaining control of eating habits
Getting stronger
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